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Is This the Newest Version of Honest Riches & Do I Need Past Editions?
I bought Honest Riches in the Past & Want the Update - How Can I Get It?
Can I Earn Without Spending? How Much Time Is Required?
Do I Need A Product to Sell? Do You Provide Continual Support?
Is Honest Riches for Beginners?
Do I Need to Pay Monthly?
Do I Get a Free Website?

Question: Is This the Newest Version of Honest Riches & Do I Need Past Editions? -Top of Page-

This is the NEWEST version of Honest Riches. This is the 3rd and FINAL update to the book. Honest Riches was first released in 2005, was shorter and less expensive. Since that time, Internet Marketing has rapidly changed, expanded in all sorts of new directions and to keep you informed - I've re-created the past versions, updated, edited and created the Ultimate Comprehensive Guide - Honest Riches (245 pages in length, 10 mini-books, full of instructional tutorials). If you have not purchased past editions, that is ok because they are no longer available. The only book that you need is the new Honest Riches that is for sale now.

Question: I bought Honest Riches in the Past & Want the Update - How Can I Get It? -Top of Page-

If you purchased a previous version of Honest Riches and would like to have the new updated Honest Riches (3rd edition) then you can contact me via the helpdesk and provide with your email the purchase details or receipt number - then I will get the download link out to you right away.

Question: Can I Earn Without Spending? -Top of Page-

Answer: It is definitely possible to start making money without investing. I created my e-book in a way that even the brokest of people can make money (I had very little when I started out). Even though you do not need money to start - in my e-book I do offer ways to make money with no startup costs and I also offer ways to make money (ways which save you time mostly) by spending a little. By a little, I mean - web hosting (7.95 per month) and domain (12.95 per year more or less). There are a lot of other options I explore in the e-book for other methods to success; many of which are free and some of which I offer info on how to save you time (which may cost a little). I keep the costs to a minimum and they are still not necessary to be successful. I put them on there because there are people who buy my e-book who have a little money and some who don't. I want everyone to choose their own paths. It does involve work and a great deal of effort and learning on your behalf. But, I tell you exactly how to do it.

Question: How Much Time Is Required? -Top of Page-

Answer: In the very beginning when I started out, I put in a lot more time than three hours a day. I spent day and night learning new techniques, etc. All the things that I learned (the ones that make me the most money) I put in the ebook - to save you time and from wasting money like I have. If you were to create and optimize a site for a niche (I explain it all in detail - how to do all of it from beginning to end) then work on it a few hours a day until completed (might take a few weeks or less) then you're pretty much done working. If you are only promoting affiliate programs then you will have no customers to deal with. I would recommend that you update your site at least two times per month so it does not lose its ranking. That is all! If you choose to work more and repeat what you have done to create another income stream then you might be working a few hours a day again. It really is up to you. Right now I dont need to work more than 20 minutes a day but I choose to work about 4 hours a day on new projects. I hope this helps!

Question: Do I Need A Product to Sell? -Top of Page-

Answer: The e-book offers a large variety of options for you to either use, copy or draw from. You do NOT need your own product to market. I am very detailed in my explanations, and offer real examples of things I have done, how I profited and how you could do the same with a similar idea or by finding a niche. I then explain in depth how to find a niche (and not just a niche but one that is profitable). Then from there I explain what you could do - if you decide to use the methods that require having a website or the ones that do not. There are so many options - but for people who feel overwhelmed and confused - there are also very specific methods that I have used and share that you could use.

Question: Do You Provide Continual Support? -Top of Page-

After purchasing my e-book, you will have unlimited access to the BEST Internet Marketing Community Online. Our Work From Home Forum ( is the most caring group of entrepreneurs - truly helping each other become more successful online. I post in the forum to offer help and assistance. I also recommend that you go there if you have a problem that you want immediately fixed (for example, if you are completely stuck on something and you can't find any tutorials online to help you) - the forum has a LIVE CHAT box which you can use freely. People are on the forum 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Also, if you have a purchase problem or issue, feel free to e-mail me so I can assist. The Honest Riches support desk is available here. Please understand - I receive an abundance of e-mails and I honestly strive to answer all of them. At times I have my assistant take care of them - her name is Liz. If you are e-mailing with a non-business related topic, or not related to a download link issue or something similar - it may take me a while to get to your message and reply. I do read all e-mails and make every attempt to respond in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for understanding!

Question: Is Honest Riches for Beginners? -Top of Page-

Yes it is. Honest Riches was created for the beginner Internet Marketer - or someone who already has some experience online but is NOT making a decent substantial income with that. If that is you - that means there are some changes that you can make, use new strategies and build up what you've already started to make it profitable (or find something else that is). My e-book explains it all - from the very beginning to the very end. It is in step-by-step format. You do not need ANY experience - but you do need an Internet Connection (not a fast one, although it HELPS immensely), an OPEN mind, a couple hours a day (when starting out) and the MOTIVATION to do this. The techniques work - so if you are ready to push ahead with it - then Let's get started!

Question: Do I Need to Pay Monthly? -Top of Page-

You do not need to pay anything per month. :) The ebook is 37 dollars - it also includes a lot of bonuses - then you also get unlimited continual support through our very active forum - (no cost). There are NO MONTHLY charges.

Question: Do I Get a Free Website? -Top of Page-

YES I currently offer a Free Website Setup service through my site. The full details of what you will get are on that website. I personally setup your website with my programmer - and it normally takes 4-6 days max for this to be completed for you.
You will have over 30 modern, stylish and professional designs to choose from All of those template or themes will be YOURS. With one click of a button in your admin area you can change the entire design of your site.
If you find a better template, you can upload and use that one. The website is created through Wordpress - it is a content management system that will allow you to update your site yourself. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Wordpress! It's easy to add content, change the design and create a profitable website. If you would like to see a demo of the Wordpress admin area (which is what you will need to become familiar with) - please check out:  (login with the username: admin and password: demo).
And there are a TON of lessons and tutorials on the usage of Wordpress - at:







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