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Who Else Wants To Explode Their Optin Rates With High Quality Video Squeeze Pages and Flash Optin Forms!

10 More Exclusive Templates And MAJOR NEW Bonuses Just Added!

The Ultimate Video and Flash Optin Template Collection

Unless you have been living under a digital rock over the past year, you probably have noticed that nearly EVERY guru is using dead-simple video squeeze pages templates for their product launches and free reports.

Most of them have little to no copy on the website at all.

It's no secret that these squeeze pages work, or else why would they be using them, and selling out every time they do? Answer...They wouldn't!

Its clear to everyone following these launches that video converts.  Video works like gangbusters, and it's really easy to start using video in your own business.

But there is one little problem...

How can make sure which layout will yield the best results?

Every guru will tell you something different, because they can only speak from their experience.

The results you should care about are your own! You should always be testing, and finding news ways to increase your conversions.

That is why I had this package created. You are going to be getting 56 unique squeeze page templates that you can use right away for your offers.

The best part is that you can split test designs, and track your results.

Each template is coded, and designed to be super flexible so that they will fit any niche under ANY economic condition.

So whether you're in the Dog Bone market or Forex, you will be able to use these templates and start seeing the real results.


Hot Video Squeeze Templates

Now YOU CAN put up a Professional Looking video squeeze page in just minutes!    And skyrocket your optin rates.

These templates are so easy to use. They work with Youtube Videos, Brightcove, Myspace Video, Vimeo, and ALL the other free & paid video services online.

Just copy & paste the embed code and add your opt-in code, and your all set to go!

Then you can start promoting your own video squeeze page, and see what all the fuss is about!

Before I get into what all the great features and benefits I wanted to show you some of the testimonials we just received from our happy customers...




These are some seriously slick video templates. And nice bonus tossing in your 22 Day Marketing Bootcamp.

- Joel Comm


Dan, It took me about 3 seconds to go make the decision to buy this package. Seriously. They kick ass.

They??re the perfect complement of eye catching design and simplicity.

Anyone who uses landing pages and cares about generating opt-ins should buy this from you. ??Nuff said.

- John Hostler

Now... you maybe thinking what if you have no techie skills at all?

Well this one customer didn't know how to use HTML at all, and with the help of our video training program, and helpful guide they were able to put a site under 30 minutes...

Now you can see that this package is truly helpful, and will be a true asset to your internet marketing toolkit.

This is a big package, so I will be quick about all the great features and benefits because once you see the actual templates we put together for you, you will be able to instantly see the value.

Let's get into each module...


The Clean Collection
The Simplest Designs Can Often Yield The Highest Return

This is the set that most will be using because the templates just work really well.

They are all designed and based on PROVEN templates that work in today's market. So you are guaranteed to find these templates useful...

They are simple enough to make "sense (call to action)" right away, but they are designed in a beautiful way that doesn't make them look unprofessional like some other templates out there.

Here you can see the four main base layouts... (each has 5 color variations)

-- Click Image To See Fullscreen Image -

Classic Style
comes in five color variations

Boxed- In
comes in five color variations

Bold Styles
comes in five color variations

comes in five color variations

Full Source - Endless Design Possibilities!
Your getting 20 templates with the power to make more!

The Flash Collection
Got A Bold Product? Then You Need A Bold Design!


Simple is good, but we beefed up simple, and made a collection of great squeeze pages that will shout at your viewers to take action in a fun and inviting way.

These are perfect for launches that are edgy, cutting edge, and in your face style of marketing that maintains professionalism, and great appeal. Since they are designed to work, they also are designed with every niche in mind.

So whether your in forex or dog training, you will find these templates useful.

They are also great to spilt test against the other collections in this package. The best way to increase your profits is to TEST! :)

Each template has a FLASH opt-in box that will increase your opt-ins. This is based on the popular opt-ins that so many are using today to get insane results.

You wont have to edit any flash, because its all done for you. Just follow our simple tutorial, and then you're done!

Here you can see the four main base layouts... (each has 5 color variations)

Busy Business Pro
comes in five color variations

comes in five color variations

comes in five color variations

Boxed Styles
comes in five color variations

Full Source - Endless Design Possibilities!
Your getting 20 templates with the power to make more!

The Professional Collection
Simple. Elegant & Made To Be Extremely Profitable

This set of templates is a little more subtle than the others. Using a famous layout used by the big boys, and the style of a professional web 2.0 website.

You will be able to use this template for any niche and have great success with it.

These can really showcase how useful and valuable your product is. With testimonials on the footer to really drive the point home.

Order today, and get started using this template.



The Prestige Collection - New
For Big Videos and Big Launches

Really showcase your videos with these high impact in your face designs. Perfect for big launches and powerful videos.  You'll really stand out with these templates

Dark Bottom
comes in five color variations

Dark Top
comes in five color variations



Exclusive Template
Got A Hot Deal? Limited Seats Only? This Is The Template For You!

A sales tactic that has been working like gangbusters for so many is the exclusive video salesletter tactic. You just put up a simple video explaining your deal, and why its exclusive.

This technique has been proven by many of the gurus, and many others are now doing it with great success.

This is the perfect template to help you sell more of your product, and show instant credibility with your offering.

This is a great asset to any internet marketer's toolkit!

Video Marketing Training
Step-By-Step Training That Shows You The Ropes Of Video Marketing

$77 Value - Real World Cost Of Training!

We want you to get the most out of each template in this package, so we put together this great package of training material that will show you everything you need to know about video marketing.

Taking you by the hand every step of the way, and showing you what to do just like the pros! No more trial and error, costly mistakes, and frustrations.

In this video training program you will discover...

Designed For The Best Return
Increase your affiliate profits...

Be Known As The Expert
Be seen as the #1 place for reviews!

Full Set Of .PSD Files
Each set has its own .psd collection...

Full HTML/CSS Files
You get the full source to edit & play with!

Templated With A .tpl System!
Each part is templated - saving you time!

Build A List...
Opt-in form in the side bar...

Sell Advertising Space
Clever banner ad placement...

Save Money On Designer
Design value of over $1,497!

Use For Any Niche!
The Design is perfect for any market...

Easy Integrate-able!
Can be integrated into wordpress!

Instant Video Streaming
Watch all the training videos online - instantly!

Intro To HTML Video Training
Never Again Feel Frustrated With HTML/CSS!

$47 Value - Real World Cost Of Training!

Knowing HTML is very important to every Internet marketer even if you have a full staff working on all your techie stuff. Its a basic skill that you need to edit, format, and change sales copy and websites.

We know that not everyone knows HTML, so we put together a video package that takes you by the hand and explains HTML in detail.

In this video training program you will discover...

An Introduction To HTML
What is HTML & how it was created...

Understanding HTML Meta Tags
Simple SEO tricks are all here...

Tables Explained
Why & how to use table tags...

HTML Color Explained
Master the basic of HEX colors...

Web Design Explained
Understanding the foundation of the web...

Launch Your Site
Preparing for a site launch...

The Basics OF HTML
Discover the basic tags...

The Web Site Background
Instantly change the look & feel...

Text Font Explained
Easy tricks to better copy formatting...

How To Use Graphics
How to use images with HTML...

CSS Explained
How to style your site...

Conversion Tactics
How to use HTML to get more money!

Instant Video Streaming
Watch all the training videos online - instantly!

My 22 Day IM Bootcamp

I recently conducted a 22 Day Internet Marketing Bootcamp where I created
22 Tutorial videos and 22 Video Case studies.

Here's what Joel Comm had to say about it.. Hit Play!


Over 8 hours of Original video... Here's what I covered.

Day One - Niches, Domains, Hosting
Day Two - Cpanel and Wordpress Setup
Day Three - Wordpress Plugins & SEO
Day Four - Traffic Generation
Day Five - Outsourcing
Day Six - Clickbank for Market Research
Day Seven - User Gen Content and IFP Demo
Day Eight - Search Engine Optimization
Day Nine
- Salespage Analysis
Day Ten - Google Webmaster Tools
Day Eleven - Google Website Optimizer
Day Twelve - Thesis Wordress Theme
Day Thirteen
- Must bookmark sites.
Day Fourteen - Twitter and YouTube
Day Fifteen - Membership Sites
Day Sixteen - Private Label Rights (PLR)
Day Seventeen - PLR Product Launch
Day Eighteen - Google Adwords
Day Nineteen - Copywriting
Day Twenty - Random Wordpress Tips
Day Twenty One - Information Overload
Day Twenty Two - Course Recap



Video Squeeze Graphics Pack

Instantly Increase Your Conversion With Your Own Graphics!

UPDATE: Now 40 Graphics!

With our first bonus package I wanted to give you something that you can use right away to make your videos more viral.  But I have had 24 additional graphics designed and packaged that you can use with your templates.

First we have a great package of ADD TO CART graphics

Next we have some Web 2.0 viral buttons that you can link up your squeeze page with services like Digg, Twitter, and Stumble Upon. Just add them to the bottom of your sales letter, and your ready to go!



 Sidebar Optin Templates

Easily capture e-mail leads on any blog or websites sitebar These 15 layouts and color variations are designed for sidebars on websites.

It doesn't matter what color your website is because you can choose from 5 different colors on each style. This gives you a wide selection of e-mail opt-in boxes you can start using right now.

More Bonus templates...



Animated Response Graphics

Draw your reader's attention with these graphics

Every Arrow has an array of different colors to choose from and each come with the Photoshop file so you can edit and create your own on the fly! Using animated web graphics on your sales page is a great way to create attention.




This is a really exciting and new flash player. Just enter in your FLV url into the html, and you can instantly start building your list straight from the video.

The best part of this player is that your affiliates can share and post your video directly on their blog.

Imagine having YOUR OPT-IN FORM on someone else's website! Yes, this allows you to do it, but it's even more effective because you can have your video telling them the offer.

This unique player can be branded with ANY color, and it always looks beautiful...

As you can clearly see that these opt-in forms are designed to be generic, and effective.

So you can use these for ANY niche, and any market! So no matter if you're in the real estate niche, dating, self-help, or a b2b. You can still use these templates and maintain the effectiveness.

-- $47 Real World Value --


Using your blog is one of the best ways to build your list on passive-auto-pilot. With this set of 3 beautiful flash templates, you can start building your list in style!

Just plug-in your auto-responder service, and edit the headline copy with a simple .txt file. These are designed to fit nicely into any side bar of any blog theme that is currently available online.

You can check out the look here...

As you can clearly see that these opt-in forms are designed to be generic, and effective.

So you can use these for ANY niche, and any market! So no matter if your in the real estate niche, dating, self-help, or a b2b. You can still use these templates and maintain the effectiveness.

-- $47 Real World Value --

This is an awesome package, because you use these templates on a squeeze page. You can use the blog side bar opt-in forms too, but these are wide, and very noticeable!

You can put a killer headline over them, and really make them work with very little work.

I have two very stylish, and popular looks to each form. The first is a nice edgy design, that makes it drop dead easy for anyone to sign up to your list.

The second is a nice web 2.0 rounded corner design! This one is really hot, and will be sure to get your landing page attention!


-- $47 Real World Value --


I am going to give you 5 You Tube video opt-in templates that you can use right away. You will be getting the full source, psd files and everything so you can edit, change or add anything you want to these templates.

They work with ANY flash player, so you can use them with your self-hosted videos or other video sites. These templates are killer!

Just drop your You Tube video embed code into the html template, and you're ready to start building your list! These can be used with email marketing, fit into a blog, your minisite, or create a killer squeeze page.

-- $27 Real World Value --

Now... before I get ahead of myself here. You may be asking... What if I don't have a sales video? Well, we got just the thing for you!

I have a full step-by-step video course that will teach you how to create a quick & easy sales video with Photoshop & flash alone....

Learn how to create fantastic videos in flash that look amazing and work like gangbusters!

Now, you wont see any other tutorials like this because there are very few people who actually create videos in flash - Little people know how, and it was never possible before until NOW!

I explain why, and how simple it actually is...

In these videos your customers will learn...

  • How to setup your sales video project so that you can finish in unless than a day!

  • The real secret to how to get a video to convert well, and why most people are doing it ALL wrong...

  • The method I use to all the files fit nicely in ONE psd file, and how you can do the same...

  • How to export and import every scene and asset from photoshop to flash to right way...

  • Understanding how flash works, the basics of layers, importing and exporting...

  • The magic of ULTRA-SIMPLE animation that is absolutely stunning, and its a true winner!

  • The key to what REALLY makes a video professional, and its NOT what your thinking!

  • The easiest way to set it up, and how to export your video...

  • How to cut the size of your video down to one tenth its size so people can view it almost instantly online...

In less than a day, your customers will be able to make "award-winning" sales videos that convert like crazy!

The difference between this training and other video training course is that I don't teach you how to a make simple slide show and call it a sales video...

You'll learn REAL direct response video styles that work like crazy.

These videos are killer, and they are completely unique to this package...

-- 6 Videos In This Series - $97 Real World Value --


I just had to throw this bonus into this amazing deal, because I have seen so many people asking for great buy now buttons. So I put together a package of 4 template styles that you can use right now!

These are based on proven tests. Everything right down to the font, and colors. It's all been tested to show that these are winning combinations!

You are going to be getting the full source to each template style. You can easily change the color, or add anything you want because you are getting the Photoshop Editable File .psd.

If your in a rush, you can just copy & paste the html into your sales letter, and your good to go!

- $47 Of Real World Value & Exclusive To This Package -

What's Included?

30 Clean Template Styles

20 Graphic Styles

5 Subtle Pro Styles

40 Graphics Package

5 Exclusive Template

Video Marketing Training

HTML Video Training

22 Day IM Bootcamp

45 Bonus Templates

50 Animated Graphics


Everything you need to setup your own profitable video squeeze page today!

As you can see...

I'm not playing around when we say that we have a GREAT package here for anyone interested creating amazing video squeeze pages...

Would you rather do it yourself or hire some costly designer or just get it all today for an insanely cheap price?


It's a no-brainer!

Time is money, and you need your offer up and running today. These templates will help you do that, and they are designed to be successful and get the highest conversion rate possible.

These templates were not designed by an amateur designer who doesn't know anything about internet marketing...

They were designed by a professional web designer that has been apart of the internet marketing community for a long time, and has been running his own internet marketing company.

Each template style is based on real world examples of what is working in TODAY'S market, not based on some "pretty" Photoshop styles that look good, but don't convert at all.

This is the only template package that is designed to work with any niche, and still maintain a credible look and feel that you wont be embarrassed about using!

Most of the template packages out there are all based on layouts that don't work, and they designs aren't usable in ANY niche.

You will be proud to use these templates, and you can easily add your own branding to the templates, and really start seeing the results you seek!



The Risk Is All On Me.
We Offer A Iron-Clad Guarantee!

If These Aren't The Most Useful Templates You Used All Year We Will Refund Your Payment Right Away - Guaranteed!

Here is our guarantee. If you don't find these templates to be the most useful package you bought all year, then I want you to return them to us, and we will refund your full payment.





I Want To Grab This Incredible Offer Today!


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To Your Success!

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Pss. Take action and increase your conversions, opt-ins and sales with these templates!

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