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Adobe? Reader? with Digital Editions is free software that lets you view Adobe eBooks on Windows and Mac computers and the Sony Reader PRS-505. Download Adobe Digital Editions to read eBooks HieBook - PLR eBooksGemStar eBookInstant ebooks - PLR MembershipMicrosoft Reader eBooks - Private Label Rights ClubThe Mobipocket Reader - Private Label Rights Club Palm eBooks can be read on your Palm handheld device, Pocket PC, Windows CE device, Windows PC, and Macintosh.Notepad or WordPad or Microsoft Word - Private Label Rights ClubMicrosoft Word - PLR Products 

PDF - Private Label RightsPSD - Private Label RightsMicrosoft Word - Private Label RightsJPEG High Qulity Pictures - Private Label RightsMp3 Audio - Private Label Rights

 The PLR eBook Club is an online Multi-Niche PLR membership site. All PLR e-Book Club Members have access to over 10,000 PLR eBooks, High Quality PLR Articles, PLR Software, PLR Scripts, PLR Audiobooks, PLR Videos, and Created PLR Memberships for free! This includes master resale rights, basic resale rights, giveaway, and public domain products as well.

All PLR eBooks are completely free with your membership. You can download the PLR eBooks directly to your computer and eBook device. These PLR eBooks are yours to keep! Every week, we update our plr membership site with 10-25 Brand New PLR eBooks for 2009, just imagine getting your hands on them!


 PLR eBook Club Membership

Why is the PLR eBook Club Different than any otherPLR Membership Site?

PLROver 400 Different PLR Niches for Over 10,000 PLR Digital Products/PLR EBooks: 

 The PLR eBook Club is packed with Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights in Over 400 Niches. Joining the PLR Membership Site is like having 400 Moneymaking Niche Packages jump into your lap. You aren't stuck with just one niche any more. You can add one moneymaking opportunity after another until you have all the money coming in that you can stand. With 400 niches to choose from you will have streams, gullies and rivers -- all emptying into your bank account, automatically. Every month, every week, there will be new material popping up on th membership site that you can use immediately, just like it is, or change it in any way you wish. This is your goldmine and you can change the nuggets to fit your needs.

Multiple Streams of Income from Multiple Niche Based WebSites!


PLRMonthly Private Label Rights Membership Sites (>$2000 Monthly Value)

Weight Loss PLR Membership - PLR eBook ClubSite Flipping PLR Membership
(Click Image For Larger View)

Instant Private Label Rights Membership Sites That Flood Your Account with Recurring Income At the Click Of A Mouse!

Two professionally designed ready-to-go membership sites each month (one on Internet marketing niche and one on a popular but non-IM niche). These are full and editable sites so that you can rebrand, include your name and copyright info on it.
Six month worth of content for each site. Note that this is key to generating residual income because your members will demand quality and continuous information each month.
Reports that provide valuable information on each niche topic.
Professionally designed and custom made graphics for use in your sites.


Request an eBook|Feature:(For a Limited Time!)

Any PLR eBook club member can request up to 3 eBooks monthly. Requested eBooks will be sent to your e-mail within 1-4 business days. Any e-book you want, just tell us and we will go out and buy it for you if it's available! What other site offers that to their members?        

eBook Club - eBook Reader

PLRSuggest an eBook|Feature: 

       As an PLR e-Book Club member you have the right to suggest any PLR material you want to appear in our membership site. This includes any PLR eBooks,PLR Softwares,PLR Scripts,PLR Articles,PLR Videos,Niche PLR Memberships or any other type of PLR content or PLR Product that might interest you. We strive to suit all of our PLR members suggestions in our weekly updates. We will go above and beyond to meet your needs. If we can't find it, it can't be found.     

PLRTips, Tutorials, Guides: 

The PLR eBook Club provides its members with tips, tutorials, and guides on just about anything. Ex: niche marketing, traffic building,PLR ebooks on google, or successful pay-per-click landing, review, opt in pages, or how to resell your ebooks, building websites and many more that deals with anything within any of our niche categories.

PLR PLReBook Club's Daily Update: 

The PLR eBook Club is continually growing with more PLR eBooks being added every week. We  add 10-20+ PLR eBooks Bi-Weekly or sometimes Every Week divided up into multiple Niche categories. Unlike other PLR memberships that add PLR eBooks and PLR products Every Month just for a particular targeted Niche, we provide our plr members with our weekly updates for Multiple Niches!

So, what types of eBooks & Digital Products are included inside this Incredible PLR Membership ?


Private Label Rights (PLR), Public Domain, Master Resell Rights (MRR), Giveaway Rights (GR), Normal Resell Rights (RS) Digital Products & eBooks served for Personal Use only In Over 400 Different Niches:

The PLR eBook Club offers all types of eBook and Digital Product Rights. Stop searching throughout the internet for Public Domain, Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resell Rights, Giveaway Rights, Resell Rights eBooks , or Packages regarding your Niche. It's a waste of money and time. Most of these packages contain only about 10 or 20 plr products, for a Large Sum of money. That is to expensive, and many eBook fanatics cannot even afford to pay so much, especially through this recession. Inside the plr membership site, we contain over 10,000 (PD,PLR,MRR,GR,RS) and Non-(PLR,MRR,GR,RS) eBooks, premium articles, software, scripts, audiobooks, and videos in every niche category we mentioned above. Along with 10-25 Brand New Digital Products added every month.

Self Help/Improvement Niche eBookFitness eBook Paid to Shop

MostPLR Membership sites are all about internet marketing niche products only, but this plr club contains a variety of targeted niches such as the following:

 Hot - Online Artilce Rewriter and Spinner Integrated into the (Private Label Rights) PLR eBook Club Membership 2009

PLRRevolutionary Online PLR Article / PLR Content Rewriting Services

Avoid Duplicate Content and Create Unlimited Numbers of PLR Articles with our PLR Article Spinner, PLR Article Rewriter, PLR Markov Generator, PLR Content Grabber(Scrapper), PLR LSA Linker, and more... Easily Accessible Online with a PLR eBook Club Membership. So not only does the PLR eBook Club provides the PLR Content, but also the Tools to Turn PLR Content or PLR Articles Into Income Generating UNIQUE PLR Content to Improve Search Engine Rankings and Build A Long-Term, Successful Online Business(More Details Below!)

PLRAnd That's Not All:  

The PLR eBook Club is not like any of the previous plr membership sites you have joined. We are truly a dynamic and growing ebook community. We have raffles in which you can win valuable prizes. We have games you can play when you are not browsing and reading e-books, and we have music that you can listen to while you read away or research on a topic or niche of your interest.

But What is Private Label Rights?

Inside the PLR eBook Club, Digital products with Private Label Rights(PLR), Master Resell Rights(MRR), and etc. includes :

PDF - Private Label Rights Microsoft Word - Private Label Rights

 Every single eBook and bonus comes in both PDF and MS Word format. So you can either1) start selling these great info products as soon as you get your hands on them, or2) modify these products in any way you like (change the title, add text, remove text, put your own affiliate links in it, put your name on it, etc.), and then sell them. 

Every single software product comes with original source code files, so you can re-brand, modify, or customize the software in any way you wish.

Professionally Written Private Label Rights Salesletter - PLR Landing Page

Professionally written sales letter that lists all of the benefits and reasons to buy these great products (You can change these sales letters just as easy as you can the products themselves and in any way you like)

JPEG High Qulity Pictures - Private Label Rights PSD - Private Label Rights

Professionally designed graphics (High Quality e-Covers for the main products and bonuses, plus headers, order buttons and complete mini site designs)

Professional Looking Private Label Rights Website- PLR Minisite 

Fully put-together and complete website so you just have to upload it to your webhost, stick your name and payment link on it and start making money…It can’t get any easier than this!

Private Label Rights Download Pages - PLR Thank You Pages

Hands free automatic Thank You / Download page that your customers can simply be forwarded to, right after they make their payments, so you don’t have to manually send download info to your customers.

The PLR eBook Club Organizes, Categorizes, Describes, and Displays Every Single Digital Product and Content Package that It Owns Within the Exclusive Online Membership Site

Private Label Rights Club Organization

Here is an Idea of How Digital Products are Organized Within the PLR eBook Club:

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Perfect WomanThe Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Perfect Woman: A Man's Dating Toolbox


Discover Amazing Dating Secrets You Can Use to Get Any Beautiful Woman You Want - Even If You Are Butt-Ugly, Missing Teeth & Have Struck Out With Every Single Woman You’ve Ever Approached!

Have you been lonely long enough? Are you ready finally ready to learn what you need to do to be truly successful with women?

Well, today is your lucky day! This new ebook reveals everything you need to know to start attracting women like a 10-ton magnet attracts paperclips.

That’s right, read “The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Perfect Woman” and you’ll learn:

  • How to quickly become irresistible to beautiful women - this is a secret very few men know … it’s time that you became one of the privileged few! 

  • How to quickly and easily determine what type of woman is best for you 

  • How to become the romantic man all women want! 

Plus, you’ll also learn how to build our own self-confidence and in no time become the type of man other men want to be and women want to be with! 

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never enjoyed any success with women at all during your lifetime. If you master the techniques presented in this book, single women will start finding you irresistible.

There’s Never Been An Easier Way to Learn How to Be aebook will walk you through the essential steps to having a successful and memorable first date! You’ll learn:

  • Where to go and what to do! 

  • Dating etiquette for the 21st century! 

  • And what to say to make sure there’s a date #2! 

You’ll also learn the elusive art of flirting, including how to become an expert yourself, as well as how to easily determine if a woman is flirting with (i.e. interested in) you!

Here’s the Bottom Line on This Incredible Resource:“The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Perfect Woman” contains a complete dating toolbox that you can use to ensure dating success from here on out! In fact, the dating tips revealed in this guide are so powerful and effective that you will want to keep it handy at all times and review it as a refresher before any interaction with a female!

Includes Full Private Label Rights, Word Doc, sales letter and custom graphics.

Retail Value: $197.00

Click here to download this document now

These documents are in a zipped file so you want toleft click the link to begin the download.

 True Success With Women - No Matter What You Look Like! It’s true, this ebook will reveal to you:

  • What a woman is really saying, doing and feeling! 

  • Exactly what kind of woman you should date! 

  • As well as where you are most likely to find someone that is perfect for you! 

Then after you’ve found a woman (or women), this ebook will walk you through the essential steps to having a successful and memorable first date! You’ll learn:

  • Where to go and what to do! 

  • Dating etiquette for the 21st century! 

  • And what to say to make sure there’s a date #2! 

You’ll also learn the elusive art of flirting, including how to become an expert yourself, as well as how to easily determine if a woman is flirting with (i.e. interested in) you!

Here’s the Bottom Line on This Incredible Resource: “The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Perfect Woman” contains a complete dating toolbox that you can use to ensure dating success from here on out! In fact, the dating tips revealed in this guide are so powerful and effective that you will want to keep it handy at all times and review it as a refresher before any interaction with a female!

Includes Full Private Label Rights, Word Doc, sales letter and custom graphics.

Retail Value: $197.00

Click here to download this document now

These documents are in a zipped file so you want toleft click the link to begin the download.

The PLR eBook Club Structure has it Incredibly Easy to Concentrate On All the Digital Products You Need to Download & None of the Ones You Don't! It is unnecessary to FILL UP YOUR HARD DRIVE just to find out what each Digital Product is All ABout.

Eco-Friendly - Space Free HardDrive - Private Label Rights Club

Our PLR eBook Club Membership solves every eBook addict's search, whether it be PLR eBooks, PLR software, PLR scripts, Unique PLR articles and more. Or whether it be Digital products With All Sorts of eBook Rghts, such master resale rights, basic resale rights, public domain, giveaway rights.... And you can belong to a fun ebook community of people just like you.  Meet new people and save money all at the same time so you can put a big smile on your face. Our members are always satisfied.

Every eBook included into this membership are valued altogether at more than $40,000

You get all the features listed above as a member in the PLR eBook Club

Plus a Weekly PLR Product Update for every Niche topic

As of   
(PLR) Private Label Rights eBooks, Articles, Videos, Software, Scripts, Templates, Graphics, AudioBooks, and more Included with Your PLR eBook Club MembershipPLR eBook Club PLR eBook Club eBook Library 2009 Library

Master Resale Rights and Basic Resale Rights Included

  • Brand New eBooks (>10,000)
  • Brand New Software(>500)
  • Brand New Articles(>19,000)
  • Brand New Scripts(>400)
  • Brand New Videos(>400)
  • Brand New AudioBooks(>200)
  • Brand New Templates|Graphics(>10,000)
  • Brand New Online Content Rewriting Services(2)
    And Other Goodies Not Mentioned On This Page!

Discover what a PLR membership with the PLR eBook Club has to offer!

Private Label Rights, Master Resell Rights, Public Domain , etc Digital Products

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Eco-Friendly PLR eBook Club  


Look at it this way -- $12 a month is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on an PLR eBook Club Membership and start using it right away to improve your lifestyle!


You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In
"PLR eBook Club Membership 2009"

It's easy to get started right away. Just click here or click the order below.

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Order right now for as low as $12.00(even if it's 3:00 am in the morning).

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        Membership is limited to only 200 Members.

Click Here to Start Downloading 10,000 Digital Products Today! - eBook Club Membership 2009 

Payment Brands Accepted by ClickBank - EBook Club Membership
Honest Business Online

All Payments are Secured & Processed by ClickBank 

128Bit SSL Secured 

Warning:As of  , there are 14 plr memberships left until we close our admission to the PLR eBook Club!The PLR eBook Club Membership is Paypal Verified!

Price is a One Time Offer!

This PLR eBook Club Membership is only going to be offered at this low introductory price for a limited time period. And, the only way we can guarantee that you will lock in your membership (limited to 200 members) is if you signup right now.

What exactly do I get by becoming an PLR eBook Club Member?
PLR eBook Club - PLR eBooks High Quality Premium Digital Products & Content in Over 400 Niche CategoriesNEW!
PLR eBook Club - PLR eBooks 10-25+Brand New Digital Product Every Month
PLR eBook Club - PLR eBooks Monthly Private Label Rights Memberships Pre-Loaded with 6 Niche PLR eBooksNEW!
 PLR eBook Club - PLR eBooks Monthly Premium Guides and High Quality PLR ArticlesNEW!
 PLR eBook Club - PLR eBooks Instant Access to an Online PLR Article Rewriter & PLR Content Spinner Services!NEW!
Private Label Rights Articles 10,000+Unique (PLR) Private Label Rights ArticlesNEW!
Private Label Rights Web Graphics 10,000+Website Templates & GraphicsNEW!
PLR Memberships Niche Private Label Rights (PLR):eBooks , Articles, Software, AudioBooks, Videos & more...NEW!
PLR Memberships Niche Master Resell Rights (MRR): eBooks, Scripts, Software, AudioBooks, Videos & moreNEW!
PLR Memberships Niche Resell Rights (RS): eBooks, Software, Scripts, AudioBooks, Videos & more...NEW!
Request an PLR eBooks - Suggest Niche PLR

Niche Giveaway Rights (GR): eBooks, Software, Scripts, AudioBooks, Videos & more... NEW!

PLR Guides, Tutorials, Reports

Niche Public Domain (PD): eBooksNEW!

Niche Personal Use Only: eBooks, Software, Scripts, AudioBooks, Videos, and more...NEW!

Well-Written and Organized Display of Quality Digital Product InformationNEW!
Two Features: Request and SuggestNEW!
PLR eBooks, PLR Articles, PLR Software, PLR Videos, PLR AudioBooks Tips, Guides, Tutorials, and FaqsNEW!
MRR eBooks, MRR Articles, MRR Software, MRR Videos, MRR AudioBooks Weekly and Daily Updates!
eBooks with Resale Rights, Resale Rights Articles, Resale Rights Softwares, Resale Rights Scripts, Resale Rights Videos, Resale Rights Audiobook

Niche Packages/Bundles Based on more than 400 Niche CategoriesNEW!

Giveaway Rights eBooks, Giveaway Rights Articles, Giveaway Rights Software, Giveaway Videos, Giveaway Rights Audiobooks, Giveway Rights Scripts

Free Lifetime UpgradesNEW!

The PLR eBook Club is an "All-In-One" Membership

Here's an Idea!

Check which type of eBooks you need with your
PLR eBook Club Membership

 Select All the Niches, Topics, or Genres that is in your Best Interests:

eBook Club Members Testimonials

I just signed up to be an E-Book Club member, and, once more, I am hugely impressed with the volume and quality of what you are providing. It's going to be very hard for any niche-marketer, to justify NOT becoming a member! I'm not even a niche marketer, and I couldn't resist! Congratulations! Mark Dawnson - PLR eBook Club Member Testimonial
-Mark Dawnson


Liza Manzi - PLR eBook Club Member Testimonial Your site rocks! Your vast array of public domain works and niche products have really got me excited!

Your membership is a wonderful addition to my own membership site and my members love your site. You provided a great offer and I got quite a few thank you emails actually. One person wanted to pay me a finders fee for introducing them to your site.

I bet you'll have some big success with this site if you can get a few more JV partners to work with you. The offer is super, just a matter of getting the word out.

Thanks again!
-Lisa Manzi


I wrote you this email simply want to say thank you very much. To me (everybody I think) contents is important when you are involved in info products or contextual ads (adsense etc..). Before this, I'd spent weeks trying to find fresh and unique articles with low price but failed until I knew about your site.
Instantly I signed up and you keep your promise. Every week I received fresh new plr articles and plr digital products for my sites. The membership is worth more than what I expectedI higly recommend this plr membership than any other. 
Thanks again guys!
- Susie Gribbon, CA

PLR E-Book club is definitly a worthwhile investment. No where else on the net will you find a collection of ebooks and articles in just one easily accesible place. I forgot to mention that it's also always being constantly updated. Your money won't be wasted at the e-book club.
-Timothy Jacob

Ok, so you provided the PLR Content, you provided the rewriter, which provides unqiue content, which provides seo to my site, and then an extra boost in traffic, and finally a boost in my income! What more can I ask from you guys! Thank you!
- John Steppletin
New York, USA

The PLR eBooks Club Membership is worth much more than I paid. It has really helped our business. To be honest you cannot beat the services or the people that I have dealt with.
-Fred Ward, AU 

Definitely worth the investment. This is simply unbelievable! I wish I would have thought of it first. Roger Morriss - PLR eBook Club Testimonials
- Roger Morriss

Thank you plr E-book Club membership ! I just finish cancelling all my other private label rights memberships! It's a waist of time, and money to join mutilple plr membership, when one has it all!
-Anastasia Roberts

I did some shopping, and I cannot believe this deal of Digital Plr Products! The plr ebook club membership was the best investment I ever made. ! The plr ebook club Membership has really helped our business.
-Kate Morgan, USA

Jennifer Bailey - PLR eBook Club Testimonials Thank You! As part of my ongoing mission to find the absolute best plr content and plr product to make money, this is without a doubt at the top of my list. I don't know how I ever worked without it.
-Jennifer Bailey

I just joined recently, plenty of ebooks and products to keep me going for a long, long, time! A good place to join if you want lots of content.

I just signed up today, but after reviewing the products I gotta say I like what I see so far. Wow!


Richard Breward - PLR eBook Club Testimonials I'm just writing to you guys to say that I am very satisfied with the content you guys provide. This is better than any plr membership I have ever joined, and I am glad to be a member of this community. Thank you!
-Richard Breward, CA

Offer your own thoughts here... the possibilities are endless!


PLR eBook Club Membership 2009 Customer Testimonail

with your best ideas!



PLR eBook Club Membership Online Content-Article Spinner and Rewriter - Make Private Label Rights Content Unique! 

With an PLR eBook Club Membership, you are not just provided with a source of Unlimited Content. But also our Online PLR Content Rewriting and PLR Content Spinning Services. You can put many of our Private Label Rights Content provided into USE! Such as with: 

Content Spooler Pro

  • Creates hundreds (or thousands) of variations of the most readable PLR articles possible!
  • Complex Content Spooler algorithm, adding just one or two variations can produce thousands of unique articles!
  • Tutorial screen captures will have you up and running immediately!
  • Importation for Advanced Submission!

PLR eBook Club's Article Spinner & Rewriter

  • Clean & Simple|User Friendly Interface!
  • Unlimited PLR Content and PLR Article Creation!
  • Unlimited PLR Content and PLR Article Spinning!
  • Duplicant Proof!
  • Readable and Well Flowing Unqiue PLR Content and PLR Articles!
  • Super Fast PLR Content and PLR Article Creation!
  • %100 Unqiue PLR Article ( CopyScape Passed)!
  •  Thesaurus Database of more than 40000 words(Rewriter)!
  • Advanced PLR Article Spinner Algorithm!

Multi-Niche PLR Provider - PLR eBook Club Membership

Join the PLR eBook Club Membership Today! 

5 Star Rating

Rated Top PLR Membership in 2008 

The PLR EBook Club has been selected as the Best Online PLR Membership Site as Ranked by ClickBank!

The Professor's Guide to PLR eBooks | Products 
The PLR eBook Club: "The Professor's Guide to PLR" is a 33-page power packed report that covers everything you need to know to start pumping out top quality, high demandPrivate Label Rights products. It includes a step by step foolproof plan you can follow again and again to churn out as many products as you want.

Sign Up the Form Below to Receive Your Free Guide!

Take A Look At What You'll Discover On The

33 pages Of This Killer Manual:

  • The difference between Private Label Rights products, Private Label Rights eBooks and others, and why you canguarantee yourself a fortune if you make them.

  • The vital mindset shift you can make to transform creating PLR products & PLR eBooks from time consuming and frustrating into simple, fast, and fun!

  • The 11 Step Foolproof process that will have you pumping out PLR products & PLR eBooks and raking in cash in record time!

  • The #1 thing you MUST dobefore you write a single word that will save you countless hours and ensure you avoid frustration!

  • The FREE tool you can download instantly that will make your PLR products & PLR eBooks readable by almost everyone!

  • The "secret" resource you can use to grab top quality images, graphics, and photos for literally $1 each to add a professional touch to your products

  • The one thing you should NEVER sell PLR Products & PLR eBooks without--break this rule and you could throw away $1,000s!

  • An "extra" step you can take when creating PLR products & PLR eBooks that takes only minutes but can virally multiply your sales & profits

  • The best products, services, and tools available for generating only top notch Private Label Rights products & PLR eBooks
And so much more!



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