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Are You Ready to COPY My Lifestyle

Three years ago I knew absolutely nothing about internet marketing full stop. Now I realise exactly what it takes and involves to be successful - and I've put it altogether in the Profit Lance Course.

Does This Routine Seem Familiar?

Here's what my life used to be like:
  • Wake up at 7:30 am to get ready to make my employers rich.
  • Get to work at 8:30 am.
  • Have a half-hour lunch break.
  • Back again to slave away for the afternoon.
  • Leave work at 5:30pm.
  • Have supper and a little nap.
  • Get to spend around half an hour with my kids before they are off to bed.
  • Spend an hour with the Mrs before its time to sleep to start all over again the next morning.

No More!

Here's what my life is like now:

   Get Up At 10:47 am
I get up at around 10:30 am to 11:00 am. I know that's bad. But my little daughter of three years old always jumps into our bed and night and that really disturbs my sleep. Hence, taking that little extra nap.

   Look Out Of The Window
I stroll to the window and take a nice look outside and just enjoy the scenery. Despite the miserable wet weather, we do get some good spells of hot sunny weather. This day was particularly pleasant.

   Take a Leisurely Shower
Have a nice cool shower to wake me up in the morning. Instead of a rushed shower to get at work at 8:30 am sharp, I like to think of my plans for the day and a little brainstorming whilst I am in the shower.

   The Dreaded Commute To Work
This is probably the hardest part. Commuting to work! It can be dangerous if my kids are around with their toys littered all over. After coming out of the shower and getting dressed, I have to safely make it down the stairs and into my front room. Thank God it was clear today. I think the kids are out in the garden. A relief. Otherwise it could have doubled or even tripled my commute time.

   The Commute Continued ...
I'm half way there now. Made it to the bottom of the stairs. I can see the workplace is just around the corner now. Due to very little congestion (the kids), the route was largely clear and I'll be at work with no bother today. Just around the corner now.

   Almost There ...
My office is in sight now. Just a few more steps and I am there! The drudgery of the commute really wears me down, so I get pleased when I get to my office, because now I'm nearing one of the highlights of the day ...

   Check The Overnight Income ...
Check the numerous accounts. This is one of my many CB accounts.

   Check The Overnight Income Continued ...
This is one of my report pages that summarises what I've earned for every day of the current year. The green parts represent the sales and the grey parts are the visitors.

   Check The Overnight Income Continued ...
Another close up shot of my reporting tool.

   Check The Overnight Income Continued ...
Another one of my CB accounts

   Time For A Little Breakfast ...
Next, its time for some breakfast. I like it simple, a bit of fruit, tea and some toast. The Mrs is homeschooling the kids, so I'm going to have to do it myself.

   Breakfast Outside ...
Its a nice day, so I'll just take breakfast outside and watch one of my daughter's playing on the swing at the other end of the garden. That's another building in my garden which is a school for my kids and my second home office.

   Kids Play ...
My daughter at the other side of the garden. I enjoy being home with my kids. We can do lots of things together.

   Gee Is That The Time? ...
Its 11:30 am already! I think I'm going to do a little bit of reading and self-development stuff in my back office.

   A Second Commute ...
This is my second commute of the day now, and I'm getting a little tired. A little stroll to my garden office.

   In We Go For A Little Reading ...
I'm in. Better sit down quick ...

   What I'm Reading ...
Two books I am currently going through. I love reading this type of stuff. It helps to re-orient my mind to think in the same way as already established multi-millionaires. Believe it or not, this is fundamental to being successful.

   I'm Done Reading, Lets Check On The Kids ...
Well its the holidays - schools empty, so they'll be out in the garden ...

   Play With The Kids For A While ...
I've done a bit of work this morning, so I won't feel guilty if I spend the next hour playing with the kids. That'll take me nicely to lunch.

   Late Morning Recreation With The Kids ...
First, a bit of table-tennis, I love this game.

It's lunchtime now ... I'm quickly going to check on my stats. I expect to have made another $400 - $600 in that time period. So this is my new lifestyle. And we're only a quarter of the way through the day yet.

Profit Lance And Vacations Galore ...

My new Profitlancer lifestyle allows me to take weeks out for vacations. In a space of three months I've been to Canada, Barbados, Trinidad, Dubai and the Lake District. I have another series of vacations planned for the coming months.

Here are some pictures taken on my mobile phone:

In Canada ... (not very pleasant weather!)

In Barbados ...

In Trinidad ...

In Dubai ...

In The Lake District (on top of England - Mount Scafell Pike)

I took all of these vacations in just a three month period!

As you can see, its a great lifestyle! But you know what. Something even greater.

You can have this lifestyle too.

A few years ago I knew absolutely nothing about Internet Marketing. I really mean zero knowledge. I learnt everything myself, got scammed a lot in the process, but eventually got there.

The great thing for you when you become a "Profitlancer" today, is that you have everything laid out for you. So stop dreaming and please take that action to make your dreams become a reality.

Start Building Your Automated Income Streams Right Now!

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This proven and established system gives you everything you need to finally build solid income streams and give you the lifestyle that you have always dreamed about.

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... and much more ...

Your evaluation of The Profit LanceTM Automated Wealth System is backed by my cast iron, no quibbles guarantee. All of the risk is on me.

Does that sound good? You bet it does.

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- By Michael Andrews

P.S Don't leave this page empty handed. You've got a whole 8 weeks to evaluate Profit Lance without risking anything. If you would like a refund at any time during the 8 weeks simply email me. You'll get a refund with no questions asked. Even if you do ask for a refund, you will have benefited from the outstanding education and training you will receive. So its completely risk free.

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